Thursday, 19 June 2014

How to use Sabja/Tulsi/Basil/Tukmaria/Flaooda Seeds

How to use Sabja/Tulsi/Basil/Tukmaria/Flaooda Seeds-Summer Special
Hi Friends,
Summer heat is on its peak. Summer means lots of fresh fruits, juices, salads and lots of water to keep our selves hydrate. I read about these seeds in many blogs that it has cooling properties which is excellent to use in summers. These seeds are very new to me. In so many recipes i have read about them but never found it anywhere so i searched it at a Ayurveda medicine shop at Yusuf Sarai Delhi. Bought a packet and Since long it remained untouched. But when i was searching for something to try my hands on i found this packet laying on the shelf. 
As i was using it first time so i used only two tsp. But after soaking they become full like about 1.4 cups. I like it very much. I thought my kids will not like it because of its sticky look. But when i added 2 tbsp of milk in it they tasted more yummy. My kids asked for more. now i am looking ahead for more recipes to use them. So in summer its excellent to use them in your ice cream, falooda, juices etc. 


Sabza/Basil/Tukmaria/falooda Seeds- 2 tsp
Sugar- 2 tsp or as per your taste
Water- 2 cups

These  are sabza/basil/tukmaria seeds

take your ingredients 

Mix water and sugar

dissolve sugar 

now add seeds

mix them well and leave them aside

within a minute they will plump up

after 5 minutes

within 10 minutes they all are plumped 

 ready to use

I have added 2 tbsp milk in it to check the taste

and it was awesome


  1. After seeds are plumped and you feel water is less you can always add more. 
  2. You can add these seeds in sharbat/ juices, ice creams, falooda etc . 
  3. If using in ice cream or anything which is already sweet then skip adding sugar. Soak them in normal plain water and use accordingly. 
  4. I don't think that it can be made and served later as it become thicker by the time.
  5. Add more water to soak them as they tend to stick to each other. 
Hope you will like it

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