Saturday, 3 May 2014

Instant Mocha Coffee/ Coffee with Chocolate

Instant Mocha Coffee/
Coffee with Chocolate

Hi Friends,

I know its a season of summer and something chilled and cool is required to get some relief from this screechy heat. But sometimes a cup of hot coffee can do wonders when you are feeling low and need something to soothe. And a combo of coffee and chocolate can really uplift your mood at a swing. Actually i amde it for myself but by the time kids noticed something chocolaty in the mug they asked me to give a sip and afterwords a fight broke down between me and my both kids to finish the cup. It was so additive and believe me it took me hardly 10 minutes to make it as i didn't wanted to spend much time in kitchen. So friends its a shortcut to make a almost perfect Mocha Coffee. Hope you will try and like it. 


Coffee- 1 tsp 
Chocolate- 2 tsp or you can take 1 Rs.10 dairy milk
Sugar- 1 tsp
Milk - 1 cup

Take all your ingredients

Start heating milk

In a glass/mug put your coffee
and sugar

1 tsp milk

mix them

until creamy and foamy

Now add chocolate piece

one tsp hot milk

mix it

a pool of coffee sugar and chocolate

by the time its done milk wills tart boiling

pour boiling mil in the pool

stir for few seconds


enjoy the HOT CUPPA

  1. You can use less sugar if you want to feel the real taste of coffee and chocolate. 
  2. You can increase or decrease the quantity of chocolate as per you wish. 
  3. You can use drinking chocolate powder in case you don't get chocolate. 
  4. Keep chocolate at room temperature so that it would be very easy to mix it with coffee and sugar.
Hope you will like it

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