Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sprouted Black Gram,Potato Gravy/
Kale Chana, Aloo Curry/
Healthy Breakfast
Hi Friends,
Hope you all are enjoying showers of monsoon. In a rainy morning scrumptious breakfast loaded with nutrition can make your day. 
Everybody knows about sprouts and their nutrition value. My fridge is most of the time loaded with different sprouts. Its very handy too.  There are too many ways to use sprouts. But do not put them for a long time in your fridge. 
Today morning i made Chana daal parantha (recipe coming soon) with this sprouted Kala Chana and potato gravy. It was so good. You can make it with plain Kala chana. It is full of nutrition and tasty too. Serve it warm in a rainy weather and enjoy your day. 

Kala Chana          - 2 cup (Sprouted or plain)
Potato                  - 2 big
Onion                   - 2 medium
Tomato                - 3 big
Ginger                  - 1 inch piece
Garlic                   - 6-7 pods
Cumin seeds         - 1 tsp
Coriander seeds   -1 tsp
Red chilly pdr      - 1 tsp
Amchoor pdr       - 1 tsp
Salt                      - 2 tsp (as pr your taste)

Take Your ingredients

Put 3 glass water, 
Pealed and washed Potatoes,
 sprouts and 1/2 tsp salt in a cooker 
Cook for 3-4 whistle (see notes)

Meanwhile puree or Grate onion, tomato, ginger, garlic

Heat oil in a kadai or a big pan

Crush coriander seeds

Throw Coriander seeds and cumin seeds in oil

Add grated onion mix

Add all spices

 Mix Well and cook for 5 minutes (preferably covered)

After 5-6 min Oil will start floating on top

Add half glass water in it 
(if there is water in boiled chana potato then skip this step)
Boiled Potato Chana

Mash potatoes with the back of your ladle

Add this to cooked onion mix

Give it a good boil for 3-4 min



With Prantha, Roti, Pulao or simple boiled Rice
Choice is yours
I served it with Chana Dal Parantha

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  1. You can make this curry with Simple Kala Chana (without sprouts)
  2. Add spices according to your taste.
  3. If there is water after Boiled chana then do not add extra water in onion tomato mix. 



  1. Super healthy dish,thanks for sending.

  2. I made sprouted beans only once: you are right, they are good, so I should really make them again. Thanks for contributing to My Legume Love Affair.