Monday, 23 July 2012

Kaali Masoor Daal Parantha

Kaali Masoor Daal Parantha/Lentil Pancake/
Leftover Masoor Daal Parantha
Hi Friends,
I love lentils. One reason is they are full of nutrition and second reason is i am a working mother, so get very less time to spent in the kitchen. Lentils are such a breeze to make. You do not need to grind or prepare so much for them. If you do not have time or out of some basic TADKA ingredients such onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, It can be so delicious without adding all that stuff, just bit cumin seeds, salt and chilly, that's all you need. I also love lentil parantha, so leftover Daal/Lentil is not a problem for me. Even i make more daal to make paranthas in the morning.
I am never worried if my kids do not eats lentils as i make parantha out of them and serve with some side dish or just apply sauce,roll and give them with a glass of milk, How easy, Right? So i am here with Black masoor daal recipe which is one of my favorite lentil. Its full of nutrition's and no regrets if kids leave lentil in their bowl. I will serve them another way.

Masoor Daal  - 2 cups 
Wheat Flour   - 3 cups (or as needed)

Take your ingredients

Mix them and make dough out of it
Take lemon size ball out of this and make a flat disk

 Heat a griddle or Tawa apply oil on the rolled Parantha/Pancake and cook from both sides


Serve with your favorite side dish and pack some for kids tiffin

The Theme of this month's Spotlight : Rice/Rotis/Pulao/Puri

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  1. You can use leftover daal for this or just boil daal fir your favorite spices and use.
  2. Add water and flour as need if daal is less add water in that to increase the quantity.
  3. You can add red chilly powder or black pepper powder for more spicier version.
  4. Serve it with any side dish like curd raita or simply with any chatni/sauce. I served it with soya chunk masala.


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