Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Idli Sambhar My Style

Hi Friends,
I do not need to introduce these two popular food items. But i have seen every person has their own style to make this. Some people make only idli with some kind of chatni and other make sambhar to go with some kind of rice etc. But combo of idli and sambhar is so filing that you can serve it any time of the day for a complete food like breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner. Most of the time i make mix veg idli to go with simple tomato sauce, but on holidays or if there is a gathering at home. Then i prefer this combo. Its so easy and filling itself. 
Earlier I use to think is that sambhar is just a mix of one particular lentil with sambhar powder  and few veggies and that's all. But blogging world introduced me to so many ways to make the sambhar and even with so many different lentils and veggies. Then i tried my own style and this style is always a hit. I only like Ghiya(bottle guard) in sambhar and that i was out of stock made simple sambhar. So friends i am here with very well known sambhar recipe my own style.

Ingredients for SAMBHAR:-
Arhar Daal       - 2 cups
Onion               - 2-3 medium
Tomato             - 3-4 medium
Ginger              - 1 inch piece
Grlic                 - 6-7 pods
Curry patta       - 3-4 
Tamarind pulp  - 2 tsp (heaped)
cumin seeds      - 1/2 tsp
Sambhar pdr     - 2-3 tsp
Salt                   - according to taste

Take your ingredients

Heat 3 glass water in a cooker 

Take washed Arhar daal salt and 1 tsp sambhar powder
 Throw all three things in cooker and cover and cook for 3 whistles

Grate or puree ginger, garlic,2 tomato,2 onion and chop other remaining onion and tomato

Heat oil in kadai 

Add cumin seeds and onion garlic paste

Let it brown a bit

 Add grated onion

Add tomato paste and mix well

Add all spices 

Mix well and cook for 1 min, oil will be separated

Add chopped onion and tomato

Mix well

Add 2 cup water

Add this tadka to boiled daal and mix well

Give it a good boil


For idlis-
I used ready made mix which is easily available here.
Idli mold

Grease Idli mold with oil and fill with idli batter
Steam for 8-10 min

DONE, Let it cool completely before taking out of mold


Dunked in


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  1. Add veggies of your choice, i normally add bottle guard, but was out of stock so made simple version.
  2. Increase or decrease sambhar powder and salt according to your taste.
  3. Adjust water accordingly, if you like bit loose saambhar then add more water.
  4. I used store bought batter for idli, u can make your own style idli to go with sambhar.



  1. Super flavourful sambar idli,makes me hungry.

  2. thanks priya, your words are my inspiration

  3. Idlis look soft and the sambar is flavorful. Thx for linking.

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  4. samber is not good but idle is ok. Creative stars

  5. Idlis look soft ...Ongoing event " Party snacks",more detais :

  6. that looks so beautiful and perfectly done…

  7. Idli and sambar....great combination…my all time fav breakfast :)

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  9. Idlis look very soft and appetising. Check out some colorful idlis here to please kids.

  10. HI,

    Idli look very soft and yummy.Check my indian food recipe blog also at for more recipes.