Monday, 18 February 2013

Pancakes with Leftover Khichadi

Pancakes with Leftover Khichadi/
Leftover Recipe
Hi Friends,
Its again raining in the Delhi. Few days back people were roaming in cotton clothes bidding goodbye to woolens forgetting that changing weather is the most sensitive time when people tend to caught in the fever, cold, cough, sour throat etc,. Suddenly mother Nature changed its plan to remind them that its not the time yet to roam in light cotton clothes, its time to follow precaution and cure yourself. Delhi once again drenched in heavy showers and people again covered themselves in cozy woolens. I also suffering from sour throat. I try to take heavy food in the afternoon and dinner as light as possible. 
I made Khichadi with Moong Daal. My son who is not feeling well refused to have that and his health was not allowing to give him something else. I kept on thinking that how should i convince him that his digestion system will not allow any fancy food. I just went into the kitchen with the bowl of khichadi suddenly i reminded one recipe in which cooked rice were used to make pancakes. My eyes brightened with the idea-KHICHADI PANCAKES. I started gathering ingredients. I used multi grain flour to use as binder. I was not sure about the outcome so made batter only for 1 pancake and amazed with the result. Can you believe after tasting that pancake i used my khichadi also and made pancakes for myself. It was such a delicious pancakes. Guess how many my son ate? total 4 :) . I was so happy. Even my daughter and hubby (who already had dinner) had 4 of them. This is a excellent idea to use leftover khichadi. Try it guys these are too delicious and healthy pancakes. These are  crunchy from inside and crispy from outside. Have it as breakfast, brunch, dinner or as snacks. Hope you will like them.

Leftover Khichadi -1 bowl see recipe here (i used moong daal for khichadi)
Flour - 1 tbsp
Water- as needed to make smooth batter

Gather your ingredients

take khichadi in a bowl 

and mash it a bit with spoon (optional)

add flour

mix well

add water 

                 make a smooth flowing batter

Heat a non stick tawa and pour a ladle full of batter

 turn and cook for more 1 min


Even i drizzled some honey on it



  1. Use non stick tawa for these pancakes.
  2. Batter should be free flow. You don't need to spread it.
  3. You can use any flour all purpose flour/wheat/multigrain flour.
  4. You can add spices in it. Like chilly pd etc. I didn't added anything and served it with honey.
  5. You can serve it with sauce, chatni, curd, raida or with dry/gravy side dish.





  1. Very delicious and interesting.

    today's recipe:

  2. Very new method to use leftover... awesome

  3. you are a genius!!!! so innovative!!
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  4. very innovative and I hope your son has recovered well back. He must hv been happy with the new avatar of the kichadi. Gr8!!

  5. thanks all for your kind words,
    Latha- My son was least aware that its khichadi in his pancake:). He is recovered and now i am suffering from fever, that's why i am not able to post anything.

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  7. Dear Mona, you can use any flour like maida, wheat flour, multigrain flour etc. I have used multigrain.

  8. Quick and easy thank you for this receipe

  9. Quick and easy thank you for this receipe